Saving Well being Attention on this usa Has Turn into a little bit of debatable. i really feel i've found away to create it inexpensive together with individuals are cover. They Say the insurance coverage protection company's are the difficulty.Properly maybe they're .it Do not help That The Hospitals Expenses 15.00$ for a bandand.together with so ect.........

My Concept is why not Reduce The insurance coverage protection company's Out of the loop . why do We Ship our money to a insurance coverage protection company and so move to a Infirmary to acquire the clinic ship our bills to insurance coverage protection company's. so the insurance coverage protection company's ship the money once more to a hospitals or docs. (makes no scene) why Cant Enterprise and folk merely ship the money correct to the Hospitals inwards at that place states or county that they're dwelling inwards. Why cant our hospitals create investments this money in addition to create a profit to cover people who cant afford Protection.

This Solves many issues inwards these days's nicely beingness attention The Means i view it !! Each time there is a 3rd birthday celebration involved Who should create a profit.Costs are going to go Greater.(too many arms inside the cookie jar). Everyone Need's to turn out to be worthwhile.Well being Attention is not roughly money. It Is Near Saving lives,Serving to Individuals Who're inwards ache or injured.

If we Minimize out Sending our money to insurance coverage protection company's together with ship it correct to hospitals it'll Preserve Billions as well as billions of dollars that the hospitals may create investments on The Income the hospitals makes , may so cover people who cant find the money for it. Nada might modification inwards nicely beingness aid everyone might keep at that place comparable doctor together with no government to tell hospitals permit that particular person choke because of we cant manage to pay for to pay for that .

if the hospitals lose money and so it is no one fault nevertheless theirs . if the federal authorities might take the entire thing They Pass on medicare together with Medicaid in addition to reduce upwards it upwards a few of the i 1000 to 6000 hospitals throughout the G.A and so i really feel What we pay the hospitals together with what government sends them should pay Each Final Individual Well being attention on this usa .

When you Want To maneuver outdoor your medical establishment to see anther doctor so that doctor sends a bill on your county well being facility.

To me. This seems similar a larger system. Much less Arms inside the cookie jar .additional cookies to go spherical . or on this instance billions together with billions of dollars.Medicine and drugs present's should come up downwards At present these company may be Competing for the M to 6000 hospitals to buy at that place merchandise. The hospitals might be observing their bottom line. The hospitals Would Spend money on all the novel Medicine and drugs present's to remain you abode inside the county for it best attention as well as services.

You May Assume .. WOW Which will positioned numerous Individuals Out of a task ....Nicely Non So .

The hospitals should lease authorized professionals,in addition to administrators as well as investments company's as well as so forth too monitor as well as keep up with all the novel Discovered Wealth they have been inwards trusted with.

S Consider numerous + points with this system.

B) Everybody Can be cover

T) No Extra Paying CEO'O Hundreds of thousands to run a corporation To Take your money And so transfer it once more to a clinic as well as create a profit on it .

O) hospitals wont ship you a bill for work that was not carried out. They could handiest live dishonest them self .

A) Higher Aid . Authorities Wont live telling docs what is cover in addition to what is not .will probably be as a lot as a board inside the hospitals. Docs in addition to nurses.

F) NO MORE PAPER WORK . if u have to consider what a medical establishment has carried out so login to at that place website and try the services that was carried out. We Name That BILLBEGONE.

F) hospitals create a profit as well as that i don't reckon y they can't. insurance coverage protection company's do it each day at to the track of 39% based on yr. (so i pay attention) .hospitals might create the same or if not additional.

S) No Pre- state of affairs's are rejected if ran by way of a hospitals .they should keep you live to remain paying your charges.

S) medicare together with Medicaid could be GONE Each one inwards The G.I.I Would acquire Equal Attention.
H) It Would not live ran from by way of government.(province,native,fed) nevertheless by way of Docs.

9) do you have to or your company sends the insurance coverage protection company's 4 hundred$ a month why cannot u merely ship that money on to the medical establishment inside the area you're dwelling inwards .(is wise to me )

O do not know the Numbers that we Ship Each Yr inwards properly beingness worth on this u.s.a..i assume it could be Trillions in addition to trillions of Dollars.

how a lot of that money cross's to insurance coverage protection company's me! Billions in addition to Billions. if we take that billions as well as ship it to a well being facility merely assume how many people that may retailer or cover.

S Do understand this: The chief Cannot RUN O DAM Factor correct. We aren't in search of government nicely beingness aid if we take all the money for medicare as well as madicade, insurance coverage protection company's as well as ship it correct to hospitals in addition to reduce out the middle man (insurance coverage protection company's)out .. Trillions might be saved together with tons of of hundreds in addition to 1000000 of Lives could be saved.

if the insurance coverage protection company's are the difficulty. So Why Have got them!!!!

Allow The hospitals take all the risk With (investments,Attention,tech,docs,nurses,Aumbalance,Medicine as well as so forth........)

Appears to me that insurance coverage protection company's are contractors together with hospitals are sub-contractors that receives a fee buy the contractor ( insurance coverage protection company's). Why Non Simply Rent the sub-contractors in addition to reduce out the contractor.

Appear: Seance the hospitals are charging insurance coverage protection company's 1 value for many who have got insurance coverage protection. to create upward the difference for many who don"t have got insurance coverage protection. so it sort of feels to me to ship the M to 6000 hospitals the money for All of it...

So At present the hospitals are additional identical to the insurance coverage protection.Slicing out the middle man.

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