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If you are suffering from tooth loss and unsure of what to do about it, don't fret. There is no need to spend the rest of your life with missing teeth. Treatment options are more effective than ever. The most popular tooth replacement options are listed below. Take a look then talk with your cosmetic dentist. He or she will help you to choose the option that is right for you.

Options for Tooth Replacement

Removable Dentures

Replacement with partial or full dentures is one of the oldest and the cheapest option for replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth. While dentures are the least expensive option, they do have some drawbacks: -Dentures will not stop bone loss. Bone loss occurs whenever teeth are removed from the jaw, as the bone shrinks over time. The bone loss can make wearing dentures uncomfortable and make you susceptible to periodontal disease. -Dentures can slip out of place while you are eating or speaking, leading to embarrassment and avoidance of social settings. -Ill-fitting partial dentures can promote infection and decay in the adjacent natural teeth

While dentures have their drawbacks, they may be the best option for people who are weak or unhealthy gums and jaws.

Fixed Bridges

If there are enough neighboring teeth that are healthy and strong, missing teeth can be replaced with a fixed bridge. The neighboring teeth must be cut down in order to accommodate the prosthetic teeth which are suspended between the neighboring teeth. Because this treatment is irreversible, you are putting your healthy neighboring teeth at risk. -The adjacent teeth are at greater risk of requiring a root canal procedure later due to the trauma of the cutting procedure. -Fixed bridges last about 10 to 12 years and then must be replaced, and replacement often means further cutting of the healthy neighboring teeth. -The additional treatments to the healthy teeth may further compromise their health by making them more susceptible to cavities and periodontal disease.

Fixed bridges can be a good option for people who are missing a lot of teeth.

Dental Implants - Dental implants are the most recent of the three options. Dental implants are replacement teeth that are implanted into your jawbone. Dental implants are the most natural in fit and comfort of the options, and last up to 20 years or more. Dental implants are a popular choice for people who have one tooth or a few missing teeth. The biggest drawbacks to dental implants are: -You need healthy jawbone and gums in order to hold the implant in place.

Dental implants can be a great option if you are missing one or a few teeth, and if you are missing a row of teeth, a couple of dental implants can be the supports for replacement dentures.

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